Thursday, May 18, 2006


A variety of sensor cleaning methods have been espoused, though for reasons I won't discuss here I've rejected them in favor of using a blower.
After experiencing several years of unfettered success using the Lenspen to clean my lenses , I began wondering whether my trusty device would be appropriate to clean my DSLRs' sensors?

Essentially, a lenspen is a soft microcloth like fiber tipped device which is coated with carbon black. It retails for approximately $6-15 and is widely available in camera stores and by mail order. Among lens cleaning methods, the lenspen is the only convenient device which is supported by fairly good research and reportedly doesn't harm delicate coatings.

As a result, I ventured first to try it on an older DSLR body's sensor and contacted the manufacturer about this application. Lenspen wasn't forthcoming, so I decided to proceed cautiously. I was surprised by its ease and success and discussed my results on the forums. Despite my initial results, I was hesitant to use the lenspen on all of my DSLR bodies. A few months ago, Lenspen announced the release of the "SensorKlear". a lenspen like device designed specifically for use on DSLR sensors.

What follows is a review of the SensorKlear.


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