Thursday, May 18, 2006

Review - initial impressions

I ordered the Sensorklear directly from Lenspen (of CN) for $16.95 postage included. The Sensorklear arrived in a padded mail envelope in about a week. In terms of appearance, the Sensorklear bears a striking resemblance to the lenspen mini-pro. It is about the same size and shape and has a similar nylon like retractable brush on the end. Whereas the mini-pro has a round tip, the Sensorklear's tip is triangular and appears to be manufactured of a slightly "softer" more "flexible" material.

It comes with rather explicit step-by step instructions, which I followed precisely for this review. Click on any image for an enlarged view.

SensorKlear Package

Side-by-side comparison with the Lenspen Mini-pro

Tips compared (SensorKlear - left, Mini-pro - right)


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