Thursday, May 25, 2006

Review - Update

Since posting the original review, I've now used the Sensorklear successfully on another 10D and a 1DMkII without any problems. In addition, I've received the following information from Parkside Optical Inc., makers of the Sensorklear.

In terms of expected longevity of the Sensorklear: "Depending on the level of contamination of the sensor, 100+ applications is standard."

With respect to cleaning the chamois tip: "SensorKlear is self-cleaning. Simply put the cap back on and give it a half-twist."

So, it appears that two of the three "unknown" questions have been answered. With respect to the potential damage issues, further monitoring is warranted and updates will be provided as experience dictates.


Blogger Erhan Hosca said...

Do you know if SensorKlear can be used to remove shutter oil thats splattered on the sensor ? I just had 2 spots appear out of nowhere on my 5D which is 2 weeks old and they're not reponding to the blower. I suspect that they are the result of excessive lubrication thats applied to these cameras to achieve 150,000 shutter cycles. Any feedback is most appreciated.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Sensorman said...

Yes, the sensorklear should remove oil. Fingerprints are composed primarily of body oils and are easily removed with a lenspen. The sensorklear should work similarly. Check out this thread reporting it's efficacy:

7:38 PM  
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