Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Review - 9 month update

Since the last posting my sensor cleaning experience continues to grow (more than 60 uses so far). The Sensorklear has been used numerous times on the following Canon camera models: 1DMkII, 30D, 10D, and Rebel XT.

I've traveled throughout the US, Europe, and the Middle East without encountering any airport issues. The Sensorklear continues to function quite well without any evidence of degrading or causing any damage to the sensors or shutter frame assemblies. It proved particularly adept at removing a few "oil" splatters on the 30D sensor.

With repeated use I've noticed that the interval between the need for subsequent cleanings generally increases. This is in keeping with Lenspens' own lab tests which demonstrate that the lenspen creates a dissipation in static charge.


Blogger KeithT said...

I started to use the Sensorklear pen on my EOS 5d. I have never used the wet method, or one of those brushes, so this is my only cleaning method. Like everyone else, I was very nervous about doing it, but having now cleaned the sensor three times with the pen I feel it's no more difficult than cleaning a lens. My only gripe is for full-frame sensors, the head could be slightly larger, but hey, this thing works. It took me about an hour today to get rid of several nasty spots, but that's digital camera life. I can now report the sensor is clean till the next time. By the way, I always blow out before and after with a rocket blower. I'm totally pleased with this product.

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